To find new pathways, the platform aims at collecting, sharing, and learning from inter- and post-disciplinary projects from two perspectives: creative research and care research & ethics. More specifically these will be discussed in terms of impact in society through social responsibility, creativity, and innovation coming from practices of care for the environment, society, health, heritage and art. The exchange in the network will aim at establishing a new post-disciplinary context for Care Ethics, Care Research and Creative Research.

The platform explores, experiments and pioneers the merge of several fields by following an innovative, post-disciplinary approach to generate insights on how contemporary artists and arts-based scholars contribute to understanding and fostering good care. It offers multiple, related, contradictory ideas, presenting examples of projects that spread out, spilling over the edges of definitions – of research, theory and art; the ideas interfering with each other as they overlap, troubling boundaries, disciplinary and otherwise.

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