From Crisis to Creativity and Care: a transformational promise

Through research, pedagogy and community-based practices, the Art & Care platform aims at facilitating a conversation while welcoming new collaborators, institutions, local communities and collectives on ways in which creative, practice-led research and care ethics & theory can impact society. With responsibility, creativity, and innovation coming from practices of care for the environment, society, heritage and art.

ART & CARE is a collaboration between Dr. Elena Cologni, Cambridge School of Art (Anglia Ruskin University, UK), and Dr. Merel Visse (Drew University, USA) and University of Humanistic Studies, Care Ethics, NL). The series explores past, present and future views and practices of care. Some say care is a paradigm, a grand beholding, as in an ethos and others, such as Joan Tronto and María Puig de la Bellacasa define care as everything that is done to maintain, continue, and repair ‘the world’ so that all can live in it as well as possible. That world includes… all that we seek to interweave in a complex, life-sustaining web. Dutch care ethicists view care as an interdisciplinary inquiry to understand the moral good in care. Emphasizing the concept of care as a performative praxis and a paradigm, this platform builds upon the rich body of scholarship in the fields of care ethics and practice-led, artistic research on care.

The platform aims to facilitate post-disciplinary conversations through the lens of creative, practice-led, and care research by being inclusive to different approaches to knowledge development. The platform covers a range of topics: care for the environment and ecologies, care for wellbeing, sustainability, care for race, class, gender, and other categories of identities, care for communities, heritage, archives, and conservation, education, and creative pedagogy.